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Pink Sugar

pampering princesses since 2019

Our Kids Spa Packages

The Princess

Mini mani-pedi



30 – 45 minutes (drop-off OK) 

$35.99 per child

The Ultimate Sparkle

The Unicorn package plus a fabulous...

Runway Fashion Show! 

Play dress-up with our costumes for (45 min) 

Walk down our raised runway with photos

Chocolate fondue with marshmallows and strawberries


1h 30 min – 2h (drop-off OK)

$125 per child

The Unicorn

Mini mani-pedi, perfume, tattoo, plus...

Bath bomb, mermaid scrubs, powders, lotions

Cucumber eye facial

Glitter hairstyle 

Massage (hand, arm, and neck)

Mini glamor make-up

Paraffin wax (when available)


45 – 75 minutes (drop-off OK)

$55.99 per child

All spa packages include...

Refreshments, treat bags, real flowers, and a trip to the candy bar!

Star-shaped Earrings

We offer ear piercing too! 

Get two pairs of free earrings when you pierce your ears here.

Appointments preferred!

$55 for both ears.

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